A bit about me


Brian,  Bruce,  BriOnH:  Brian is my Christian name given to me by my wonderful parents.  Bruce is what some of my closest friends call me.  BriOnH is the "handle" I use on the internet.  Ultimatly, no matter what you call me (hey be nice! :) ), I am glad you you are here.

Thoughts from my Twitter

Like all, I am many things.  Firstly I am a Catholic. Seeking Enlightenment.  I am a scientist.  I am an athelete.  I am a musician.  I am a computer programmer.  But mainly, I Just am.

In fact, the moment that judgment stops through acceptance of what is, you are free of the mind.

-Eckhart Tolle

Personal Details

Brian Hartgian
Date of birth:
January 6th, Current Year - 30 years :)
Irish American
Hair color:
Light Brown
Eye color:


There are many things I enjoy doing other than crafting amazing web and iOS apps.
I enjoy:

  • Catholicism and Spirituality
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Golf
  • Lifting Weights
  • Martial Arts
  • Reading / Writing / Playing Music
  • Motorcycles (saving for:Rocket III )
  • Swimming: all water sports
  • Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • Camping
  • Target Shooting


Tricks of the trade, for the day; job:

  • xCode 4.5, 5
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • .NET 1-4.5 <
  • MSSQL Server 2005-2012
  • MS Project Server
  • Sharepoint App Development
  • MySQL/SQLLite
  • GIT Repository Solutions
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Logic Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • AGILE Development
  • Waterfall Methodology

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I currently live in the town of Danville California USA. Growing up the son of an executive for United Airlines I moved around a lot in the US. I have lived in Denver, Reno, Illinois, and Washington. After high school I spent a couple of years in San Diego, where the bulk of my education at that time was surfing and kung-fu. After that I moved back up by my parents in Walnut Creek CA and studied Biology/Biochemistry at Holy Names University in Oakland CA. After HNU I followed in my Fathers, and Grandfathers footsteps (Both named James Hartigan [sr/jr]) and did a brief stint at United Airlines, but it's when my Father and about 9-11 others of us started Integres up by Sacramento CA that my career as a computer programmer really took off. Living in California with the spoils that go with it, and programming are, simply put, sweet. I like to travel, especially to warm, preferably tropical, places. I don't particularly like moving much anymore, but probably have some moves ahead of me.

Continued Education

  • St. Isadore's Bible Study - (Danville, CA)
  • United Studios of Self Defense - (Danville, CA)
  • American Schools of Shoa-lin Kempo - (San Diego, CA)
  • Bruce Hawk Music School - (Danville, CA)
  • Bear Skin Meadow Diabetic Camp - (Kings Canyon National Park, CA)
  • American Red Cross: Lifegaurd, First Aid, and CPR - (San Diego, CA)
  • College

    • Holy Names University - Alma Matar: Biology/Biochemistry
    • University California Berkeley (HNU Cross Reg)
    • St. Mary's College (HNU Cross Reg)
    • Diablo Valley College
    • San Diego Mesa College

    High School

    • Monte Vista Highschool - (Danville, CA)

    Middle & Grammer Schools

    • Los Cerros Middle School - (Danville, CA)
    • Some School for Kindergarden :) - (Reno, NV)
    • St. Mary's Littleton Parish - (Littleton, CO)
    • St. Mary's Catholic School - (Buffolo Grove, IL)
    • St. Madeleine Sophie School - (Bellevue, WA)
    • Los Cerros Middle School - (Danville, CA)
    • Brian Hartigan - Freelance Programmer / Software Architect
    • Click Here to see my current resume & "career" jobs/projects
    • Bear Skin Meadow Camp - (Lifeguard, Counselor, Manager of Maintenance)
    • HNU Computer Labs - (Mac & PC Lab Manager)
    • Primo's Pizza - (Pizza Maker, Phone GUY, Delivery Driver)
    • Danville Hotel - Busboy

    A Little Bit More?

    Random Facts About Me

    • I wanted to be an endocrinologist
      Studied biology/biochemistry at HNU in hopes of medschool.
    • I love mexican food
      If I had to choose one type of cuisine to live off of, this would be it. Bein!
    • I want to visit The Vatican
      It and Australia are on the bucketlist.
    • I love Hawaii
      Warm water, and beautiful scenery.
    • I have type 1 diabetes
      Since I was 2. Please support a possible cure.

    My Family

    • My paternal Grandfather, Jim Hartigan Sr. was CEO of United Airlines and taught dog fighting in WWII. He is an awesome pilot and person. My Grammie Ann Always lights up a room. She knows how to make anyone feel good and at home. My dad, Jim Hartigan Jr., also was an executive at UAL, where he after was CEO of Integres Global Logistis, where I worked for/with him from its genesis to selling. All the men and woman on the Hartigan side are very smart and very good people.
    • My maternal Grandmother, Shiela Mulvaney, was born and raised in Egypt. She decoded encrypted messages for the US in WWII. She was a very kind and wonderful person. I look forward to seeing her again. My maternal Grandfather, Chris Mulvaney, was a finance officer in the Korean war and a very successful real estate agent. My mom had the hardest job of all! Raising me and my 3 sisters and managing multiple homes! I couldn't ask for a better mom.
    • I love my family. My parents, all my aunts and uncles, all my cousins, I couldn't be more proud of them. I try to thank God everyday.